MMO Anodes

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Ruthenium Plated

Base: Ti (Gr1, Gr2)
High Corrosion Resistance

Iridium Plated​

Base: Ti (Gr1, Gr2)
Long-Term Durability
High Stability

Platinum Plated​

Pt Purity 99%
Base: Ti (Gr1, Gr2)
Increased Electrocatalysis
High Durability

Titanium Anode

Titanium (Gr1, Gr2)

  • Rectangular
  • Round / Spiral
  • Custom Designs


Titanium Clad Copper

We offer a line of titanium clad copper rod and bar products. Combining the excellent conductivity of copper and high corrosion-resistance of titanium. Features:

  • Precise and automatic cutting and welding.
  • Straightness and flatness tolerance control.
  • Custom designs.
  • Stainless clad copper is also available.


Used in electrowinning and for copper recovery. Titanium cathodes are used as fast reacting copper collectors. Commercially pure Grade 1 and 2 titnaium is used in plate form:

  • Complete automatic production line.
  • Precise welding, slotting and drilling.
  • Tight flatness tolerance for efficient performance.
  • Custom Design.


Chlor-alkali Process

The chlor-alkali process is a group of industrial processes used to produce chlorine, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), or both. The process involves the electrolysis of a solution of sodium chloride (salt) or potassium chloride (potash) in water.


We offer a high level of know-how in the design and manufacturing of anodes and cathodes made in titanium with a mixed precious metal oxide coating. Our capabilities:


  • Manufacturing and reconditioning of electrodes
  • Manufacturing of high performing catalytic coatings for anodes
  • High-tech solutions for energy-savings
  • Refurbishment and repairs of electrodes

Water Treatment

We offer anodes made in titanium with a mixed precious metal oxide coating manufacturing and reconditioning of DSA electrodes and gas diffusion electrodes (GDE):


  • Manufacturing of high performing catalytic coatings for anodes
  • Production of non-asbestos cell separators for diaphragm cells
  • High-tech solutions for energy-savings

H2 Production

Within the portfolio of energy storage technologies, hydrogen is widely recognized as a promising option for storing large quantities of renewable electricity over longer periods.


It is predicted to also be the energy vector for a more sustainable mobility and a renewable feedstock for a variety of chemical productions, potentially becoming a central pillar for promoting energy transition to sustainable sources and world decarbonization.


The most established technology option for producing hydrogen from electrical power sources is water electrolysis (WE) using MMO Anodes. With a 100% renewable energy power mix, water electrolysis can produce GREEN HYDROGEN with zero CO2 emissions.

Electro Plating

Our DSA anodes are designed for surface plating of Chromium, Zinc, Tin, Copper, and Nickel. Commonly used to plate automotive parts, bathroom fittings, appliances, and electronics. Standard Anode provide:


  • Customized design and plating guidance.
  • Customized coating composition for optimal performance, lifetime and energy consumption.

Metal Elecrowinning

MMO anodes are widely used to deposit target metal on cathodes to form a high purity product. Purity is critical for electrolytic metals like nickel, copper, and for refining of precious metals like gold and silver. Standard Anode:

  • Offer customized coating formulas to meet target working temperature and current
  • High resistant to aggressive medium.
  • Long life to secure constant production.
  • High efficiency in depositing pure metals.


PCB Production

In the electronics industry, our MMO Anodes allow for uniform copper deposition, reliable filling ability, elimination of surface roughness and minimum additive consumption challenge the production. Our Anodes have:

  • Uniform plating distribution and excellent throwing power.
  • Unique coating formula to lower consumption.
  • Improved plating bath lifetime.
  • Maintain etchant solution without pollution.
  • Allow for high current density operation.

Standard Anode is a subsidiary of Standard Titanium Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of titanium products. Standard Anode is dedicated to the development and production of electrode products including MMO Anodes, Titanium Clad Copper and Cathodes.


Our products are precision engineered to ensure durability over long lifetimes. Our automatic production line of copper cladding and cathode manufacture allows us to produce to custom specifications and to low tolerances. Our products are durable, reliable and are high performance.


Standard Anode is a leading supplier of products for Water Treatment, Electrowinning, Electroplating, and PCB Production.